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Gupta Export House

Our story began in 1989. Back then we were manufacturer of fabric and we work for the exporters who were shipping our manufactured products to the top global brands & chain stores in Europe US & Canada.

After gathering knowledge and experience of more than 40years in supply and manufacturing, finally in 2019 we decided to expand our self globally and serving the world directly with our best products, now we are exporting directly to the well-known brands & importers globally. Today we are privileged to ship our customers every day with our exceptional products & we are now a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality Accessories Scarves,stoles,canvas bags etc.

The name GUPTA EXPORT HOUSE is adopted from old French language word which also meant, a space to store or preserve precious things and that is what we are known for, we produce and almost like preserve our unique and precious product for our customers.

We always believed in serving the best quality, best designs & of course on time delivery. It's our goal that all our product to be made under the highest standards of quality, using ethical sourcing practices. Our team buyers personally travel to different parts of the India to select high & different quality weave of fabric, and then our designers put them together with their creativity and bring out the unique product can easy to produce, also can easily sellable which is the signature of GUPTA EXPORT HOUSE. We offers a vast range of exceptional products that grab customer’s attraction at one go. We offer some of the finest designs in the world, made by our finest people. Our designer and workers who work for us, we call them partners, are the heart of our brand. We believe in treating our partners with respect and dignity.

We believe to work continuously on fresh superb fashion trends/ colours/ designs/ prints / weaves / fabrics and different size / shapes / quality of component keeping in mind the ever changing trends and demands of the industry and we keep offering them to our clients. We consistently develop attractive and innovative fashion wear and offer them to our clients. We are supported by highly experienced stitching partners or tailors and craftsmen who provides us flawless range of fashion jewellery products and scarves that are made up of superb Indian weaves and fabric. Our scarves stitched and finished perfectly using requisite machinery like sewing machines and steam pressing.


Stock of raw fabric

We stock grey fabric so that we can save time of pre-printing processes & transporting fabric from weaving mill to printing mill and at the time of order we can go directly with the printing and it ensure that there would be no delays due to unavailability of fabric while executing the order

Printing capacity

We have tie up with big known compliance printing mills in different parts of India, who are dedicated to us and has the printing capacity of 10000 mtrs per day, which can expand to 20000 mtrs per day when required.

Stitching Capacity

We have trained, experienced stitching team using latest and well-known brand stitching machines they can produce 3000 pcs per day and that can expand to 5000 pcs per-day when needed

Quality Standards and Testing Norms

We have a dedicated and experienced quality control team who ensure the quality and International testing norms on every level of production, starting from sourcing to final shipping.

Finishing and Packaging Capacity

We have skilled, well equipped and motivated team in our finishing and packaging department, our team finished and pack 3000 pcs per day and it is also can be expanded whenever required. It includes all the aspects of finishing/ checking/ steam press /packing etc.

Pre- production approvals and R&D

We always take random pickup from initial/mid/final production and send it to client in whatever stage they need. These approvals includes approval for Size, quality, fabric, print, colour, quality, design, pleating, design etc. Our design department always keep themselves strategic and up to date of the current international fashion trends they keep looking for new ideas according to the requirement of our customers. They make sure if our customers asking for a particular theme, that range should be develop in our designer’s supervision and we deliver what our client really need. They always keep searching fresh and innovative techniques. deliver what our client really need. They always keep searching fresh and innovative techniques.

Our Mission

Stitching all our efforts together on a common thread – a strong thread – one that is woven in the fabric of our company by all our partners’ men and women who proudly wear the green apron of happiness & satisfaction. Our mission to make our customers satisfied and happy with our unique designs, perfect quality and timely delivery. Our ultimate goal is SATISFIED CUTOMER where we can give them the best service and make Gupta Export House a platform of ultimate solution, where our clients get everything they are looking for to grow themselves. As we believe in the Mantra that we can grow only, when our customer will grow. A healthy business relationship with our clients is our ultimate goal. We work on very flexible payment terms, which normally suits all our buyers.